Catatan Akhir Tahun Exhibition

The opening day of collective artworks exhibition of HIPTA (HImpunan Pelukis jakarTA) and surprisingly, me. Held on Sunday, December 23rd 2007 (exh open until January 1st 2008). Start at 19.30, in again, Darmint Art Cafe, Kuningan. Opening speech by Bpk. Drajad Sd-Pemimpin Redaksi Media Indonesia.

Masterpieces of: S Warudju, Aisul Y., Jauhari ZA, Idris B, Sonny Sk, M.Padhik, Laila Tifa, Gogor P and Debra AR (me!)

They are so friggin amazing! I can't even believe I got into this whole great artists circle.