Tie-dye Workshop

A bit of sharing on what happened this week: I was picked by my lecturer to lead a workshop to my fine arts colleagues with a theme of Handmade. 3 of my friends helped me to do this practical workshop.

We come up with different ideas such as paper making, sewing and stuff; but I finally decided to do tie-dye in the end, since the other ideas will probably cost much more money and more troublesome with not so much time + its fun

We asked them to bring their own plain white tshirts, and we actually provide the pigments and show time step by step from how to tie, dip in to the colors, and such. Some photos during the workshop:

Thanks for the help and for attending the workshop. It was fun seeing everyone seems to be enjoying it and went home with their own colorful tshirts! My lecturer actually come up to me and congrats me for the successful and fun workshop we held. Hope there will be more next time :-D