Found Objects Assemblage

I have a habit of collecting scraps of writings, photographs, drawings, postcards, antique stuff or really, anything, because I believe any objects held vivid memories of something or someone with it.

Due to that, it is very hard for me to do the 1st project of this semester which asked us to create assemblage from manipulated found objects with the theme of 'growth'. The thing is, I'd always collect stuff from the streets or flea markets but never dare to ruin every bit of it, which everybody seems to be doing.

So I start to question myself, is it necessary to destroy if the object itself has rich character? 
Eva Hesse inspired me of manipulating pantyhose to look like spiderwebs and Joseph Cornell inspired me to place all of these objects I found together and install it in a way it looks like an abandoned old desk scene.

And it shows how 'growth' to me is not necessarily means to create biologically or physically growing into something; but its more spiritually and personal, how some things left until it get dusted and rusted through time.

this artwork was the starting point I began to look at my work as an artwork.