Mini Exhibition 2

At the end of every semester, we were given small cubical space to set our finals as well as our studies and set it up as in the gallery with all the descriptions, titles and stuff - just like what I did last semester. So this is how I set up my space for semester 4 assessment. 

From left - right: (left) studies I did before making the actual 3 projects +thick sketchbook - (middle) Project 6 Text as Image "Lost in Translation" - (right) Project 5 Found Objects "Are You Here?" - (right end) Project 7 Self Proposed "The Children's Classics"  

Looking back to how my last semester's works looks like..I think I developed a lot from the last Self Pin Up Project. This is the phase when I finally, sort of, found my real area of making art which someway all seems to be very soft, calm, silent, abstract, vintage, worn, washed, thoughts, memories and feeling. The truth is, this was the phase when for the first time, I finally began to look at my work as an artwork.  Hopefully this point will help me develop better in my future artworks

Meanwhile, I am very excited for volunteering in Singapore Art Museum's festivals and artists workshops and talks during this break!