SAM's Art Garden

Dearest, I'll be sharing my day to day works during volunteering at SAM in the children Programme Space and being artists assistant preparation of Singapore Art Museum (SAM): the Children's Season for the school holidays titled Art Garden which designed to showcase interactive contemporary art by some artists such as Dawn Ng, Geoffrey Drake-Brockman, Sandra Lee, Theodore Watson and Joo Choon Lin showcasing artworks and workshops for children inspired by nature. 14 may - 18 july 2010 at SAM 8Q Gallery, mondays to sundays. 

Day 1 + Day 2 what the volunteers did was to create boxes surrounded with different textures where the kids can play and learn during the workshop. Took so much time gluing and cleaning sigh. Also collecting many children's artworks from schools which was far and tiring
Some weird texture boxes I did

Day 3 Other than arranging children's artwork on the Programme Space, I was asked to create kids' coloring sheets using Joo Choon Lin's characters for kids to create stop motion animation. And also friendly illustrations and instructions sheet on "How to create an origami flowers" which kids can refer to using papers provided in Geoffrey Drake-Brockman's Floribots exhibition space.

origami instruction sheet + Geoffrey's installation picture

Day 4 Arranging, cleaning, coloring, cutting, and all the finishing at the children's Programme Space and artists exhibition space, preparing for the next day opening exhibition. (below is only one side of the children's Programme Space)
Hopefully this long break will be fill by doing more fun experience activities!