NIXON artists and local artists are coming together to have a hell of a good time showcasing at The Gallery, Old School 11B Mount Sophia, Singapore. Opens on saturday, 4th September from 7.00 - 11.30pm

Film, Photography, Prints, Sculptures and Paintings by:
Craig Wetherby (US), Nick Denambride (US), Adeline Tan, Adrian Chan, Andy Yang, Brick, CK, Debra Raymond, Jamie Paul, Gerson Gilrandy, Paul Tan, pixelmunky, Mr. B, Harrison Love, Isabel Löfgren, Ivonne Adel-Bureos, Izzy As'ari, Kenny Chua, Kristal Melson, Mindflyer, Mojoko, Nataliette, Nazneen Aziz, Oats & Sparkle, Rick Treweek, Eeshaun, Race Krehel, Shawn Lim, Sheryo, Soh Jun Hao, Speak Cryptic, vectorscum, Winnie Goh, Zahir Sanosi, zxerokool