"The Toymaker" first attempt

My first attempt documenting my current work "Sang Tukang Mainan" (The Toymaker), inspired by Indonesian toymaker, Pak Umar, I imagine myself into a role so thoroughly. I am being a toymaker that appreciates wood craftsmanship and different personality in every toy. There is element of handwork, which is something I don't think I would be able to avoid as I put efforts in each and every of it. If I rely on computer and machine alone like this plastic and technological toys today, then I am going to lose that personality, same goes to the value of toys. Simply pure sensation acts as a social commentary that is relevant as a reflection to people today.

Cut & editing: Debra
Shot: M. Wafa, Baleegha D. and Debra Raymond
Song: Sigur Rós - All Alright